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E & R Grinding Beads

... an important part of your milling process!

To achieve the best possible grinding result without changing your excisting Equipment is work for specialists. The optimum proces is achieved by selecting the best possible media, material, density and size. Our team of specialists has more than 40 years of experience with the selection of media for bead mill processes. Experience which has been built up in industries such as coatings, pigment pastes, inks, (piëzo) ceramics, pharma, general chemical, food and the cocoa & chocolate industry.

We are able to deliver all our products in various sizes and from our large stock positions in Rotterdam & Antwerp. We can supply in various packaging types such as bulk, industry standard 20 kg boxes and lab-size packings. We supply our products including quality certification and standard analyse & material check all our shipments. We are proud to be a specialised grinding media supplier with field consultancy service in helping customers to select the best possible grinding media.

Our strength...

> Quality assurance
> Competitive prices
> Largest stock position
> Fast delivery

> Over 40 years of experience
> Flexible and reliable partner interested in long lasting relationship